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Blewett Pass Management Services was created to help growers and processors succeed in the cannabis industry in Washington State.  Started by Collin Smith in the Summer of 2014, the company brings together all the expertise of planning and operations that launched one of the most successful cannabis operations in the state, Blewett Pass Farms. Thorough planning starts with discovery and specification. We take the time to know your company, your vision and your expectations for success, then combine the realities of execution in the real world.  From facilities layout to nutritional guidance and growth design.

Our Service TeamBlewett Systems is there every step of the way, applying proven and trusted methods of operation and harvest to help create efficiencies that will ensure high yields and quick turn-around to market.

We’ll help you make the most of your facility and plan and budget for upgrades and alterations.  Through build-out and space allocation for electrical system improvements, HVAC upgrades, security system enhancements.  We can help optimize your lighting, ventilation, irrigation and climate control to make the most of your layout and unique situation.

And, of course, we design all our systems to fully comply with every aspect of the law and to make full use of the state’s Bio Track system.

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